Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How To Prepare For The Royal Wedding - Free Indeed - Abundant Living After Abuse

Many years ago I went with my husband to watch the movie “One Night With The King” and it was good. I mean good because as we all know Hollywood loves to put their own spin which compromises the true identity of the movie. During the movie however, it was intriguing the process in which Esther had to go through. She had to be separated from her family, live in the King’s castle and be with other women who were also going for the same role…QUEEN.

If you read the story from the actual Bible the story paints a sad situation for Esther. You see, Esther had no plans on being a concubine or a queen. But, the reigning king did not like what his queen did and he did away with her by sending her away. What is interesting is that God had his plans and Esther did not know that she was part of an even greater plan which was to save her people from mass destruction. You see, God knows the plans that he has for us Jeremiah 29:11.

Another fascinating point is that to qualify to be a queen, Esther had to be taught the official rules, she had to be taught how to interact with others, she was educated in the culture, she was taught how to dress, act and the list can go on and on. I think you get the gist of the story. She had to go through a process that took time, she was being prepared to be with the king.

Let me go a bit further. Do you remember when Sarah in the Bible was taken by the king? How long do you think she was being prepared for the king? Was it for one night? Was it for two weeks, three months or more? Well, it had to be long enough for the king to notice that none of his concubines and wives were giving birth. So, think about this, it takes a woman carry a child for nine months. If no one got pregnant nor had children, it is safe to say that it would take at least nine months to a year to figure out that something was wrong.

Sarah could have been in the castle for a very long time, which means a process had to be taken place. Read Genesis 20 and particularly verse 18.  This shows that there was a great deal of training, and preparing for the woman before she is to go before the king. We have a King and his name is Jesus. The time is now that we need to focus on and Christ has given us a great deal of time to prepare for the Royal Wedding. Time is the key word here. As you continue to heal from your abuses through the leading of the Holy Spirit, know that it will take time and that things don’t happen overnight but healing will still take place. Christ has a desire to have us all in His Royal Wedding because we are royalty through Him. He paid a heavy price for our freedom and now, Christ is waiting for you to accept his Hand in Marriage. All you have to do is show up, be present, be prepared and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

How do you prepare? Acknowledge that you cannot heal in your own power but only through the Holy Spirit, let Him in, Accept his invitation, Allow his Holy Spirit to prepare your heart, your mind and soul and believe that He will come again to take you home. You are a princess and a prince and your King is Christ.

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