Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How Can You Begin To Be Healed And Live A Life Of Purpose? P I

It was July 19, 2005, when I began to see where God was leading me. I had finished studying scriptures when I realized what true conversion was all about. True conversion, my friends, is allowing God to change you from what you once were. When I came back to God I knew that only He could change my life and thought processes. I had a new identity—a “Re-Born Identity” that cannot be faked or manipulated. Christ became my example and slowly, I began to change, but not by my own doing, it was through the Holy Spirit. How did I know that I was changing? I didn’t! That was the beauty of it…I had no clue that I was changing. The change was seen by others but not necessarily by me.  The few things I did notice about myself were, I was able to control my temper much better than I had in the past, and  I was able to forgive, others for their wrong doing toward me and not waste time seeking revenge. In addition, the Holy Spirit began to show me my wrong doings and teaching me to ask for forgiveness because I was known to be a ruthless and evil person.  

I believe that if a person gives themselves to Christ, that in time, they will have a Re-born identity as well.  However, so often, new believers take on the identity of other Christians instead of Christ and then they are back where they started…empty. It was my desire that when I came back to God that I would not allow myself to conform to the behaviors of others.  I chose to live in Christ not in people and God is still working on me in this area. Let’s face it. If we have been abused sometimes we can become mean individuals because of resentment and bitterness. Our perspective of God, life and others can be distorted.

What if I told you that you are alive today because God has allowed you to live another day would you believe me? Don’t you know that if you have endured childhood traumas that you are a survivor? You have beaten statistics? Whether you are on drugs, on the streets, dying of AIDS, serving time in jail, in a mental hospital, homeless, generational victims, having babies from different partners, survivor of suicide attempts we all have a choice to become pure or remain in stuck in the muck of resentment and bitterness. That is the beauty of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, come as you are and He will transform you into what you were meant to be so that you may participate in Earth’s Final Royal Wedding. I know that if you are reading this post, you are an excellent candidate to ask God into your life and begin to heal this very moment. 

How Can You Begin To Be Healed And Live A Life Of Purpose? What I would suggest for you is several things but first and most important is:

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into a deep relationship with the Bridegroom. This means that you will read the awesome Book of Love Letters to humanity also known the Bible. Read scriptures on His love for us and the power of forgiveness that only Christ can give us.
  • Make a list of everyone you must forgive. Granted, there may be some individuals that you may never get the opportunity to speak to in person, but that should not stop you from placing them on your list, praying for them, and understanding that God is in control and will deal with these people accordingly.
  • Forgive your past mistakes. We blame ourselves for things we had no control over or of which we were ignorant of. A small child is certainly not responsible for the abuse committed against him or her.
  • Join a group of survivors or start a group at your church. Find someone to mentor you during these times. 


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