Sunday, May 13, 2018

What Is Keeping You Out of Earth’s Final Royal Wedding Part II?

The Savior is calling you to partake in Earth’s Final Royal Wedding. In fact, He is strategically placing people around you that are Christ focused so that you come under His banner of love. Why? Because He loves you! You better believe that someone is planting a seed for your good… Become a fruitful bearer, blossom in our Lord Jesus Christ and see the transformation that only He can give. If you have been a victim by a so-called Christians, let me take this opportunity to say to you “I’m so sorry.” You see, Christians are not at all perfect and although that is not an excuse, find it in your heart to forgive and let go. Let God deal with these individuals but don’t give up on God. Release them and enjoy what Christ has for you and me at Earth’s Final Royal Wedding. Please understand, I am not minimizing what you have gone through. No! That is not my goal.

You see, forgiveness does not mean letting people get away with murder, but rather it means that you do not have to spend any more energy, shed tears, lose sleep, and live a life devoid of happiness because of those who violated you. Forgive yourself, embrace yourself, become a friend to yourself after all, you are a temple of God. Give God another chance. Even though you may have felt He was not there for you, He was and waiting for you to return to him. You may not know why things happened, but God does and He has always been there for you even in your darkest days. The Divine Authority (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) are working together so that you may have life because Satan wants to destroy you and his best weapon is unforgiveness. 

When we do not forgive, we begin to die inside, when this happens; our spiritual connection with Christ is broken. We may be going to church, singing in the choir and even being a preacher, but if forgiveness is not practiced, resentment will set in. Haven’t you noticed individuals in church who are just miserable with everyone including with themselves? They don’t like the sermons, can’t stand the music, they go as far as not liking their church member. Why, because of resentment. The seed of resentment comes from the unforgiving fruit tree is the opposite of the fruit of the Spirit. Also, unforgiveness is a pride issue.
True forgiveness is a humble and mental state of the mind. It helps us stay in the thought process of Calvary’s Cross. I say true forgiveness because Jesus is our example as Christians. As we continue to think of the cross, it draws us ever nearer to Him who shed his blood so that I can be forgiven. He paid the price that I should have paid. Unforgiveness equals anger and anger leads to danger. We must pray for those who wronged us and stop the cycle of resentment and grudges.

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